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Searching for a Tooling Development Partner, Not a Vendor?

If you’re searching for an Engineering resource to assist your New Product Development, your search is over. At Maximum Mold, we join your NPD team to make ideas into reality faster and deliver results the right way the first time.

Partnering to Understand Requirements – We begin new projects with a careful ear to understand the results you seek from your new dies, molds and tooling. Timing. Quantity. Tolerances. Process. Maintenance.
Partnering with the Latest Tools – We use a combination of experience and technology to create superior tools. We use the latest in CAD/CAM to design cost-effective maintenance and quick die change capabilities into every die and mold we produce – we’re thinking about tomorrow, today.
Partnering on Budgets – We understand many tooling budgets are built from quick estimates, often not reflecting real product needs as the development process continues. First, we work with our customers in a “whatever it takes” mode to deliver – period. Second, when you need a new tool, call us first to provide a better estimate on your project tooling cost BEFORE submitting a Quote to your customer.
Partnering on Changes - We understand that New Product Development lives in a world of change, and ECN's are a part of process.  Changes go through our process smoothly because we strive to keep constant and open communication with our customer.  We take pride in our ability to quickly incorporate part changes into our tool designs through our use of the latest design technology.
Partnering for Reality – Our design & engineering department is integrated with our machining department, and all of our engineers have background as machinists and toolmakers. This has earned Maximum Mold a reputation for considering all aspects of mold and die design from machinability, and ease of maintenance, to cooling, shrinkage and draft characteristics. To us its all about designing to achieve maximum tool up-time, fast lead times for original tooling and replaceable parts, and of course, top quality, accurate, and consistent end products.

Maximum Mold Cimatron CAD/CAM

Many of our customers and associates know that we do some cutting edge manufacturing at our shop and they want to know what kind of Design and Machining software we use? Cimatron is our choice – after years of experience using AutoCAD, IDEA-S, Pro-E, MasterCAM, SurfCAM and others, the simple fact is Cimatron is the first system that enables us to do what we want, its powerful, and its actually fun to use.
So, why do we use Cimatron?...... Because it Works! That's it in a nutshell, it flat out works. Cimatron works in REAL life, with REAL life problems and obstacles. Cimatron is specific to the tooling industry – so when the rubber meets the road it works. It features special tools that address real-world die and mold development, such as: Core and Cavity splitting, semi-automated electrode design, design change analysis/comparison, draft analysis, mold catalogs, and more.



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